January 2024 - Recent Product Releases

While we have been working on big roadmap items, we have been steadily improving the app via new features, polish and bug fixes. Here is the full list from the last month or so.


  • UI Updated for cookie initiators on Cookie Inventory
  • Cookie inventory Cookies Table is now a resizable table with user state saving.
  • Added option for 5 browsers in Audits
  • Landing Page Use case overview has a new widget “Pages without Query Strings”
  • Removed the ability for Chrome to block 3rd party cookies
  • Journey - moved the Primary tag switch into the tag-related tabs
  • Changed how  new default including filters for new domains since the last call are generated
  • Decreased  unknown cookie initiators
  • Improved messaging when all runs are deleted
  • Added Hover State to Audit & Journey Success Messages
  • Implemented a custom parser for tags loaded with proxies
  • Added shift-click to web journey variable selector for rules
  •  Cookie Inventory:: Improved readability of the cookie initiator tag
  •  Updated audit complete email to send to use-cases/overview instead of audit-summary
  • Updated Tag Inventory Pages Filter for pages missing a tag
  • Web journey Tag Reporting Polish
  • Removed Domain Requirement when creating a sub-folder
  • Changed section limit text to be clearer to users on audit setup
  • Improved DataSource Filter bar
  • Updated Tags in Tag Debugger
  • Added Cookie Initiators to Web Journey Cookie Export
  • Cookie Inventory - Improved duration display
  • Added ID column to bulk labels
  • Changed Link for API Doc Menu Item
  • Updated left Nav Titles to be more consistent
  • Updated SSO contact to support in downloadable metadata files
Bug Fixes
  • Location Missing from DataSource Information
  • Remove Domain Requirement from Folder Setup
  • Web journey “Add Rule” button opens the wrong tab of modal
  • Web journey tag reporting bugs
  • Run now button displayed instead of Stop&Discard in case of first run for web journey
  • Web journey shows infinite “...” in one case
  • Audit Info Panel lost location from the run settings.
  • Cookie inventory initiator tooltip says “undefined”
  • URLs not loading for Tokyo proxy + VPN enabled
  • Journey run selector shows “Loading” during initial run
  • Audit names need to wrap in message dialog
  • Total tag request value different between reports
  • Cached tags displaying from previous run
  • Bulk label isn’t aware of already created labels
  • Copy To Clipboards feature - Only old columns are exported. Enabled/disabled checkboxes for columns are ignored
  • Bulk Action Bar text wrapping
  • The explanation text on Audit Setup for Next Run is poorly spaced
  • highlighting code in an execute step causes confusing visuals
  • Audit Label UI Bugs
  • Create audit modal stuck after saving new audit with new folder and sub-folder
  • The easy Block menu disappears when the mouse hovers on the scrollbar
  • The web journey page flashes an error on the screen when navigating to first-time run-in-progress
  • Easy Block checkbox items have areas that are unresponsive to clicks
  • Audit Folder Validation not highlighting
  • Cookie Inventory uses inconsistent wording for set method
  • Web journey “Add Rule” button opens the wrong tab of modal
  • On first audit run, run info box is missing errors
  • Web journey Card  falsely shows “No location data found” in Info Panel
  • Cookie Inventory Export :: Tag Vendor & Tag Category column values are swapped
  • Toggle for auditing starting urls disabled when only one starting url is provided
  • Don’t show previous audit numbers or NaN while use case overview page is loading

User Audit Limits is now Live

With this feature, admins can now define in the user settings how big of an audit individual users can create.

December 2023 - Recent Product Releases

Omit External Pages is now live. Well, what does this mean? Essentially if a URL redirects to a page that doesn’t match audit filters it will no longer be included in the Audit results.
Here are a few key concepts to be aware of:
  1. We do not do any omitting if the URL is from a starting URL.  They will always be included.
  2. We will do an omit check under the following conditions:
  3. A navigate request for an audit page load (we will not check for navigate actions)
  4. Not a starting URL
  5. The final URL is different than starting URL
  6. We will omit if one of the following is true
  7. The final URL contains an extension (such as .gif, .pdf, .svg) that we would normally omit from link collection
  8. The final URL is matched by an exclude filter
  9. The final URL is not matched by any include filter
The location of Primary Tags on Web Journeys has moved down inside the Tag Tabs/Tables.

November 2023 - Recent Product Releases

  • Audit Level Cookie Initiators on Cookie Inventory Report

A complete view of all tags or network requests that loaded a given cookie across and audit and displayed in the cookie inventory report. Also, added a new filter for “Tag Vendor,” which allows users to filter by all cookies related to a specific company.

  • Blocking Tags & Technologies

A simple, one-click setting to block specific technologies or categories in Audits and Journeys. You can select all tags of a given category, or individual tags. When this functionality is used the selected items will not be found in any reports. Help document here:

  • Web Journey Run Info

This is a quick snapshot report that shows users what configurations were used to run this Journey and what the current settings are. Similar to the audit run info, it includes Journey status messages.

  • CMP Action Update

We added support to skip the action if we can’t find a CMP on a page. Available in both Audits & Journeys.

October 2023 - Recent Product Releases

Additional filter for Audits released:

  • You can now filter match URLs from the Audit set up to show/not show matching URLs. This allows users to only show Final URLs that were defined from Audit setup and not ones that redirected out of those filters.

The Cookie Inventory Report has two new columns! Cookie duration is now displayed and includes the min and max duration we found for that cookie across the Audit. Filters do exist as well for this functionality and can be leveraged to show an alert on cookies with a duration of over 12 months, which can put users out of compliance with GDPR.

September 2023 - Recent Product Releases

Audit Error Messaging is now live! This means if the audit can’t find pages to scan (blocking, not matching include list, etc), or Pre/On Page actions don’t work you can now see that. Also, a new filter on the Pages report to show pages with On-Page action failures has been added in support of this. Here is a link to the help doc.

As mentioned in the last product announcement, more filters are coming and we now have one of those! You can now specify a status code in the filters on top of our predefined buckets. So if users want to look for a redirect or blocking status code they can now do so.

Recent Product Enhancements (9/6)
  • Audit Info Panel now calls out “Advanced Audit” if advanced settings are used (GPC, Proxy, Actions)
  • Cookie Inventory now has expandable rows to see cookie data (more data coming!)
  • Consent Categories import screens now support “Shift + Click” to select multiple items
  • Added Filter to Page Detail Request log for Pre-Audit Actions
  • New Help Icon on the Data Sources Page for quicker support
  • All reports now support page details pre-filter
Final Page URL Updates
  • Final Page URL present on all pages scanned tables (User can define to show both initial and final, or just one)
  • You can now filter by initial and final URL on all reports
  •  Page Status code Filters are available for both Initial and Final URLs on all reports
  • More page filters and support for all reports coming soon!

August 2023 - Recent Product Releases

We have some great new features that have been released this month!

Latest Product Enhancements:
  • You can now copy a variable value from the Audit Variable Inventory Report
  • Tag Debugger Tags have been updated
  • Cookie Inventory report now pre-filters cookies on Page Details
  • Shared links now expire after 1 year
  • More User Agents (Windows 11 and Non ObservePoint)
  • Add Data Layer Objects in Bulk from Data Sources

We're back with another update for Audit and Web Journey Actions! Now, Execute Actions come with a special "Code" view. This lets you check out the code behind these actions and even copy scripts with a dedicated button. Plus, there's a convenient full-screen button for those extra-long scripts. Enjoy these additions as we keep enhancing your experience with Audit and Web Journey Actions!

Exciting news! The Consent Management feature has received a fantastic update. You can now easily "Allow All" or "Reject All" Cookies. This enhancement is accessible in both Audits and Journeys. Setting it up is a breeze – just head to the configuration screen located under Privacy Settings.

For a more detailed walkthrough, refer to the provided screenshot and help document.

July 2023 - Recent Product Releases

Full-page screenshots are now available. Users can view the entire rendered page in the screenshots of an audit or journey. When expanded, there is the capability to scroll and observe the entire page.

A couple of new releases:
First, for customers that were needing it, the timezone is now also set when selecting a proxy to test from. Second, we have a couple of Bulk Operation updates:
  • You can now reprocess Consent Categories and Rules in Bulk
  • You can now move unlimited items from folder to folder. No 5 item limit.

June 2023 - Recent Product Releases

Lots of items have been polished as we finish out this month! If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to us from our chat widget in the bottom right-hand corner of this article.

Polish items released over the last few weeks:
  • DataSource Sort by Audit Size
  • Displayed More Customer Metrics on Use Case Reports
  • Added ability to Scroll on Manage Tags
  • Updated Labels in Rule Library
  • Added support for small screens on standards screens
  • Text Changes
  • Data Source Progress now says Standards
  • Fixed typo on Alerts Creation and language in step 4
  • Placeholder text on WJ Tag Variable Report
  • Added and updated tools tips in Audit Reports
  • New Folder and Subfolder creation in Audit & WJ Settings
  • DataSources Page now remembers your last position on the page
  • Failed Rules text now legible in reports
  • New Messaging when creating a new Audit or Journey
  • Updated to latest version of Chrome
  • Data Warehousing now called in Enhanced Data Retention in Admin Portal
  • Fixed double creation on accidental double click
  • Fixed Tag Request Size Filter
  • Fixed Rule Audit Score on Reprocess
  • WJ Fixed Requested Text Color & Style update
  • Updated export success message
  • Left nav behavior update for accounts with audits only
  • Chip toggle direction change
  • New folders now appear in Data Sources
  • Cookie filter bug fixed when rolled into more chip
  • Fixed Multi-select checkbox bug
  • Fixed bulk label creation of labels not appearing
  • Added HTTP Status code Tooltip Definitions
The following updates have been released:
  • Audits will now display their frequency
  • Journeys now have a frequency option of “Run Once”
  • Patent-pending Cookie Initiators and Origin Stories!
With Cookie Initiators & Origins Stories, you’ll now notice two new columns in the Cookies Table - Count of initiators and if the cookie was Added, Changed, or Deleted by the action. When you expand the cookie, you get:
  • The full origin story of the cookie, including actions that happened prior to or after the current action in view.
  • The difference in the cookie attributes if there was a change
  • Quick linking to request log for initiator-like audits.
A couple of polish items of note have been released:
  • You can now see the frequency on cards for what cadence an Audit is running at
  • Journeys now have a frequency option of “Run Once”
We have a new release for Web Journeys. Cookie Initiators and Origin Story is now available. Here is what you get:
  • Two New columns in on the Cookies Table. Count of initiators and if the cookie was added, Changed, or Deleted by the action.
  • When you expand the cookie you get:
  • The full origin story of the cookie, including actions that happened prior to, or after the current action in view.
  • The difference in the cookie attributes if there was a change
  • Quick linking to request log for initiator-like audits.

We have added the following proxies for Audit and Journey’s.

  • Proxy - Manama, Bahrain
  • Proxy - Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Proxy - Cape Town, South Africa
  • Proxy - Paris, France
  • Proxy - Milan, Italy
  • Proxy - Madrid, Spain

May 2023 - Recent Product Releases

Some exciting releases took place this month!

  • Phase 1 of Cookie Initiators for Journeys
    • Origin story still to come
  • Page Load Time Tooltips Update
    • More descriptive of how Load time is calculated
  • Exposed Cookie Path on Audit Page and Action Details
  • Added Cookies Initiated on Request Log Export
  • Free Trial Usage Counter in Banner
  • Analytics use Case widgets are now filtered by Web Analytics Category
  • Introduced new mobile-friendly Global Navigation
  • Shared experience polish for exports

Additional May Release Notes

  • We have enhanced our data collection efforts so you may see a bump in Tags collected in some audits/journeys. This is something we are constantly working to improve.
  • Cookie Initiators data is available now in both the Cookie Inventory and Request Log Exports.
  • Data Sources Filtering and Selection Updates
    • Ability to filter by Run Frequency
    • A new select all Data Sources Option

April 2023 - Recent Product Releases

  • Additional Sharing Updates
    • Sharing is now available via email, not just copy.
    • All shared links are viewable under settings with the ability to turn off an individual link or deactivate sharing. (User Admin only)

  • Single Page App Update - As of last week, audits will follow links in single page apps that use legacy hash-based routing. ObservePoint only has one single-page app constraint; the “prevent navigation” checkbox does not work for single-page apps. We don’t have a solution for that, and it looks like there is no solution available.
  • Shadow DOM Update - As of today, ObservePoint will automatically find and follow links contained within Shadow DOM. No more custom on-page actions are needed.
  • A nice addition was made to the Page Information tab. You can now see if there was a pre-audit action failure.
You can now see if there was a pre-audit action failure.
  • Phase 1 of Cookie Initiators for Journeys
  • Origin story still to come
  • Page Load Time Tooltips Update
  • More descriptive of how Load time is calculated
  • Exposed Cookie Path on Audit Page and Action Details
  • Added Cookies Initiated on Request Log Export
  • Free Trial Usage Counter in Banner
  • Analytics use Case widgets are now filtered by Web Analytics Category
  • Introduced new mobile-friendly Global Navigation
  • Shared experience Polish for exports

Shareable Links

  • Sharing is now available via email, not just copy.
  • All shared links are viewable under settings with the ability to turn off an individual link, or deactivate sharing. (User Admin only)
You can now share an Audit

March 2023 - Recent Product Releases

We have some great new features that have been released this month! We hope to see you at Adobe Summit 2023! 

  • Use Case Report
    • The Use Case Summary Report gives you a high-level overview of your Audit's performance and data. This report is conveniently broken into 4 different use case areas for your convenience. You can drill into this report by clicking on any report widget for a more detailed view of your data. 
  • Report Shareability 
    • You can now externally share any ObservePoint report with a link. They do not need a login to see that report, they are restricted to a read-only view and cannot view any other account data or information. 
  • Exclusionary Filters

February 2023 - Recent Product Releases

We have some great updates that have been released this month. Check them out!

  • GPC Signal 
    • Global Privacy Control (GPC) - You can do GPC signal testing in your Audits and Journeys to validate the various opt-in/opt-out user states required to ensure privacy compliance. You can read more about GPC Signal by looking at this help document

  • Account-wide Triggered Alerts
    • Accessible from the left navigation just below Data Sources. This is a summarization of all the most recently triggered Alerts across all Audits. 
  • Usage Alerts - Alerts can be set for the following:
    • Users Logged In last Month
    • Pages Audited This Month
    • Pages Audited in Last 12 Months
    • Web Journey Runs This Month
    • Web Journey Runs in the Last 12 Months

January 2023 - Recent Product Releases

Happy New Year! Here are some of the releases that have come out this month :

  • Navigation Update
    • Data Sources
      • Export Center was renamed to Requested Exports and moved to the Usage section.  
    • Usage - New
      • Usage Report - This was moved to Usage from the lower navigation.
      • Event Log
      • Requested Exports
    • Create New
    • Standards
      • Alerts - New
      • Rule Library
      • Consent Categories
    • Configurations
      • Action Sets 
      • File Substitutions
      • Comparisons
      • Tags - Primary and Comparisons Setup - New

December 2022 - Recent Product Releases

Hi Everyone, we have some big things happening here at ObservePoint; here are some new product features and updates.

  • Alerts Release
    • You can now set up Alerts in your Audit Reports and from the Alerts Library. This new tool will help you be notified of the metrics that matter most to you. 
    • You can set custom Alert thresholds on report metrics that need monitoring. 
    • You can view all of the Alerts documentation here to get started.
    • More updates coming soon!

  • Audit Report Name Changes and New Alerts Report
    • We recently changed some of the titles of the Audit Reports. They are still the same reports, now with a simpler name. 
    • Audit Summary is now Summary.
    • Rule Summary is now Tag & Variable Rules and is located under the Technology section in the Audit Reports.
    • Page Summary is now Pages.
    • Alerts have been added to the Audit Reports. 

September 2022 - Recent Product Releases

Hi Everyone, we have some great improvements that have been released this month. 

  • The Audit setup screen has been modernized to be much more self-service. Key changes to be aware of:
    • Consent Categories are no longer found in a drop-down, they have been moved to the revamped Standards  tab.
    • Remote File Mapping is slowly being renamed to File Substitutions .
    • Audit speed can nw be set from 1,10, 20, or 50 browsers.
    • “Reduce server load” is now the 1 browser option. Keep in mind that 20 or more simultaneous browsers can be quite a load on a website, it is imperative that we are whitelisted before enabling those options.
    • Audit Actions have been renamed On-Page Actions .

July 2022 - Recent Product Releases

Hi Everyone, we have a small update for this month. 

Home Screen (Data Sources) Refresh

  • All new look and feel
  • New persistent filter bar with additional options
  • Improved and additional persistent sorting and grouping
  • Domains are now sub-folders
  • Quick create on the page
  • Item info for added to cards
  • Enhanced multi-select with updated bulk actions
  • Folder sharing now available on this screen
  • Added screenshots to list view

Coming Soon - Filter chips will have the ability to show the item filtered and ability to change the filtered item

  • Pages with broken links is now clickable and will filter down to the pages that have pages with broken link once clicked in the pages table. 

June 2022 - Recent Product Releases

On the page summary report, in the pages scanned table there are now new columns.

  • New Columns in Pages Scanned
    • Initial URL Status Code ( The initial status code the URL returned)
    • # of Redirects (colors >0 = orange, 0 = default white ( the count of redirects if there were any)
    • Final Page Status Code ( the final status code we saw, that last one in a redirect chain or the same if there were no redirects)

May 2022 - Recent Product Releases

Hi Everyone, we've got something very exciting for you this release.

  • Page Details Enhancements
    • It is now even easier to resolve broken links and view redirect chains. We've improved the information available to you about each given page and how pages relate to each other.
  • Parent URL has now been replaced with Links to this URL - This will allow you to identify ALL pages which link to a broken page, for example
  • Redirect Chain - Ensure your UTM tracking parameters are not stripped from landing pages
  • Links from this page - This new section will help you ensure that all links on any given page are experiences you would want available to your customers. You can check internal links are valid and referrals to external links are valid and tracked

You can see this new information by clicking on any page URL in an audit and looking at  Page Information

April 2022 - Recent Product Releases

Hi Everyone, A small update this month but rest assured, big things are happening beneath the hood

  • Exports
    • All exports are now upgraded to the new Exporter system and can be found in the Export Center after they have been requested for the first time. 
  • Copy Page Tables
    • Filtered page tables on all Audit reports can now be copied to the clipboard apart from Variable Summary.

March 2022 - Recent Product Releases

We're here to help you win the day with some great product updates!

  • Platform
    • Journey Exports
      • Improved Exports are now available for Journeys. The new Journey Exports can now be found in the left hand navigation within a Journey report. With almost instantaneous email and export generation, we are helping you move from Insight to Action even faster!
      • Once all of the new export types have been released, the legacy export function will be retired.

    • Usage Report
      • It is now easier than ever to manage your ObservePoint usage with the new reporting.
      • See your historical Audit page scan and Journey usage.
      • Look ahead to see what is scheduled and when.

January 2022 - Recent Product Releases

We're here to help you beat the January blues with a few quality of life features!

  • Platform
    • Export Center
      • Added new feature Export Center. Here, you can see all your exports in one place, retrieve, share and send them to colleagues

    • Audit Information
      • We've heard loud and clear that a given Audit run's settings need to be better signposted. We hope you'll never be lost again with this new Audit Information overlay found in the top right corner of any audit

Don't forget to mark November 10th on your calendar for ObservePoint's annual user conference, Validate 2021.

This is our fifth year hosting Validate, and just like last year, we'll be virtual and attendance is free. So I hope you'll be able to join us to engage with industry leaders and peers, and to learn practical solutions for your business.

Here's what you'll experience at Validate 2021:

  • Problem-solving sessions led by solutions experts
  • Solution-based discussions with your peers and experts
  • Product roadmap and feedback sessions
  • Networking opportunities
  • For FREE!

October 2021 Product Releases

  • Platform
    • Keyboard Shortcuts
      • Allowed shortcuts to be enabled to reduce the number of clicks for our users.
    • API Documentation Update
      • Provided API V2 and V3 links in the Profile page next to your API key for easy access .

September 2021 Product Releases

  • Platform
    • Full Screen Page Details
      • Ability to expand the Page Details report to display full screen. You most recent settings will persist.
    • Updated Audit Score
      • Combined this report with the Audit Summary report and update the Rules score factor to give 0 points for audits without rules applied and the Cookies factor to only evaluate 3rd party cookies for security best practices.
  • Privacy Compliance
    • Javascript File Changes Report
      • Detect and analyze changes in javascript files across your audit.
    • Audit Summary Privacy Widgets
      • Added Summary Privacy Widget
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