September 2022 - Recent Product Releases

Hi Everyone, we have some great improvements that have been released this month. 

  • The Audit setup screen has been modernized with the aim to be much more self-service. Key changes to be aware of:
    • Consent Categories are no longer found in a drop-down, they have been moved to the revamped Standards tab.
    • Remote File Mapping is slowly being renamed to File Substitutions.
    • Audit speed can nw be set from 1,10, 20, or 50 browsers.
    • “Reduce server load” is now the 1 browser option. Keep in mind that 20 or more simultaneous browsers can be quite a load on a website, it is imperative that we are whitelisted before enabling those options.
    • Audit Actions have been renamed On-Page Actions.

July 2022 - Recent Product Releases

Hi Everyone, we have a small update for this month. 
Home Screen (Data Sources) Refresh
  • All new look and feel
  • New persistent filter bar with additional options
  • Improved and additional persistent sorting and grouping
  • Domains are now sub-folders
  • Quick create on the page
  • Item info for added to cards
  • Enhanced multi-select with updated bulk actions
  • Folder sharing now available on this screen
  • Added screenshots to list view
Coming Soon - Filter chips will have the ability to show the item filtered and ability to change the filtered item
  • Pages with broken links is now clickable and will filter down to the pages that have pages with broken link once clicked in the pages table. 

June 2022 - Recent Product Releases

On the page summary report, in the pages scanned table there are now new columns.
  • New Columns in Pages Scanned
    • Initial URL Status Code ( The initial status code the URL returned)
    • # of Redirects (colors >0 = orange, 0 = default white ( the count of redirects if there were any)
    • Final Page Status Code ( the final status code we saw, that last one in a redirect chain or the same if there were no redirects)

May 2022 - Recent Product Releases

Hi Everyone, we've got something very exciting for you this release.

  • Page Details Enhancements
    • It is now even easier to resolve broken links and view redirect chains. We've improved the information available to you about each given page and how pages relate to each other.
  • Parent URL has now been replaced with Links to this URL - This will allow you to identify ALL pages which link to a broken page, for example
  • Redirect Chain - Ensure your UTM tracking parameters are not stripped from landing pages
  • Links from this page - This new section will help you ensure that all links on any given page are experiences you would want available to your customers. You can check internal links are valid and referrals to external links are valid and tracked

You can see this new information by clicking on any page URL in an audit and looking at  Page Information

April 2022 - Recent Product Releases

Hi Everyone, A small update this month but rest assured, big things are happening beneath the hood

  • Exports
    • All exports are now upgraded to the new Exporter system and can be found in the Export Center after they have been requested for the first time. 
  • Copy Page Tables
    • Filtered page tables on all Audit reports can now be copied to the clipboard apart from Variable Summary.

March 2022 - Recent Product Releases

We're here to help you win the day with some great product updates!

  • Platform
    • Journey Exports
      • Improved Exports are now available for Journeys. The new Journey Exports can now be found in the left hand navigation within a Journey report. With almost instantaneous email and export generation, we are helping you move from Insight to Action even faster!
      • Once all of the new export types have been released, the legacy export function will be retired.

    • Usage Report
      • It is now easier than ever to manage your ObservePoint usage with the new reporting.
      • See your historical Audit page scan and Journey usage.
      • Look ahead to see what is scheduled and when.

January 2022 - Recent Product Releases

We're here to help you beat the January blues with a few quality of life features!

  • Platform
    • Export Center
      • Added new feature Export Center. Here, you can see all your exports in one place, retrieve, share and send them to colleagues
    • Audit Information
      • We've heard loud and clear that a given Audit run's settings need to be better signposted. We hope you'll never be lost again with this new Audit Information overlay found in the top right corner of any audit

Don't forget to mark November 10th on your calendar for ObservePoint's annual user conference, Validate 2021.
This is our fifth year hosting Validate, and just like last year, we'll be virtual and attendance is free. So I hope you'll be able to join us to engage with industry leaders and peers, and to learn practical solutions for your business.
Here's what you'll experience at Validate 2021:
  • Problem-solving sessions led by solutions experts
  • Solution-based discussions with your peers and experts
  • Product roadmap and feedback sessions
  • Networking opportunities
  • For FREE!

Visit the website to learn more and to register!

October 2021 Product Releases

  • Platform
    • Keyboard Shortcuts
      • Allowed shortcuts to be enabled to reduce the number of clicks for our users.
    • API Documentation Update
      • Provided API V2 and V3 links in the Profile page next to your API key for easy access .

September 2021 Product Releases

  • Platform
    • Full Screen Page Details
      • Ability to expand the Page Details report to display full screen. You most recent settings will persist.
    • Updated Audit Score
      • Combined this report with the Audit Summary report and update the Rules score factor to give 0 points for audits without rules applied and the Cookies factor to only evaluate 3rd party cookies for security best practices.
  • Privacy Compliance
    • Javascript File Changes Report
      • Detect and analyze changes in javascript files across your audit.
    • Audit Summary Privacy Widgets
      • Added Summary Privacy Widget
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