New Release FAQ

To make your transition to the new UI a seamless experience, here is a quick FAQ guide!

Where can I find the...?

Legacy Menu Item New Location
Card View Left Menu > Data Sources > Audits & Journeys
Rules Left Menu > Standards > Rules
(Privacy) Left Menu > Standards > Consent Categories
LiveConnect/HAR Upload Left Menu > Data Sources
App Center Left Menu > Data Sources
Comparison Library Left Menu > Configurations
Action Set Library Left Menu > Configurations
Remote File Mapping Library Left Menu > Configurations
Upper Right Hand Items Left Menu > Settings and User

How do I switch to light/dark mode?

There is a small toggle on the left navigation just above the search icon.

Will I have access to the previous ObservePoint app?

Yes, for 30 days, you can access it at (but why would you)!

What does legacy have that the new experience does not?

Nada! We didn't just leave our wife and kids for the last 6 months to have it miss something. It is the best! It has all the same and much much more!

I’m new to this audit report, where can I find documentation?

There is a help icon ( ?) in the top right corner of each audit report with updated documentation. You can go back and refer to it any time.

I'm seeing issues with the dark/light mode, what do I do?

It is likely a caching issue, clear your cache and cookies and if issues still persist, contact us at

What are some of the most relevant resources to help me hit the ground running with the new experience?

New Audit Reports

Validation Tools


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