The New ObservePoint Experience is Here!

ObservePoint is excited to announce the official launch of our next-generation user experience. Late last year we pushed a “soft launch” of our new application UI, and that environment has been available to our customers throughout the past two quarters. Over this time we’ve collected extensive user feedback and usability data, which we’ve leveraged to design and deploy additional refinements and iterative improvements. We are incredibly proud of the resulting experience and ready to share it with the world!

Beginning Thursday morning (June 24), this new environment (up to this point known as will become the default user experience upon login to the ObservePoint platform.The new experience includes no loss of functionality, while providing a long list of meaningful improvements to user workflows and quick access to impactful insights. These improvements include:

  • Enhanced UI design and data visualizations
  • Improved drill-down flows (decreased time-to-insight)
  • Global filters, cross domain filtering
  • More robust insights on every report
  • Dark and Light modes
  • Updated and simplified navigation
  • Report-specific contextual help and documentation on each report
  • More direct path to standards creation and management
  • Support for the new ObservePoint Privacy Compliance solution
  • And many more platform-wide refinements

For a deeper dive into the specifics of this new environment, please check out our FAQ’s. And if you’re ready to jump in and take it for a test drive before the Thursday switch-over, everything is ready for you HERE.

We’ve built this experience for you, our end users, based on your direct feedback. Whether you love it or have additional recommendations you’d like us to consider, I’m always eager to hear directly from you.

Thank you,

Rob Clarke, Vice President of Product

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