Uploading a Mobile App Using the API

Uploading mobile apps into AppAssurance can be automated using the API. This streamlines your quality assurance processes because you can kick off a process that replaces an app when it has been updated.


Before following the instructions here, you need to know how to use APIs, have an API key in ObservePoint (controlled by contract), and have access to a tool, such as Postman to test out your API calls. You can also test at the ObservePoint API documents site.

Helpful documents:


Uploading a mobile app is fairly uncomplicated and takes three steps with the API.

  1. Use a POST request to create a new app
  2. Send a PUT request to

Original app upload id: 1d8f4c37-a792-4f68-b451-0436c739ee80

Uploaded app upload id: f3d8b7ee-fa4c-48c1-b057-7a9ac82f32a9

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