Google Analytics Integration


Google Analytics is likely home to most of the reporting for your marketing attribution strategy. In order to perform analysis based on the additional campaign meta-data that ObservePoint provides through Touchpoints, you'll need to setup this integration.

Note:  After the integration is configured, the data will start to populate in Google Analytics only for newly credited or recently edited Touchpoints. Also, the ability to write historical data to Google Analytics is a Google Analytics 360 feature, so if you are on the free version of Google Analytics, our integration will be limited in that regard.
Note: Multiple integrations will can be set up if data needs to be imported to multiple report suites.


The integration is enabled via Google's Custom Data Import feature.

There are 2 steps that need to be completed and sent to your Success Manager in order to configure the Google Analytics integration. 

Note: They can be completed in any order.
  1. Create & send a mapping between Touchpoints Attributes and Google Analytics Custom Dimensions.

    Create or identify existing Custom Dimensions in Google Analytics that will correspond to the Attributes in the Touchpoints platform that you want imported.

    For questions on how to create Custom Dimensions in Google Analytics, review this help doc.

    For questions on to how create Attributes in the Touchpoints platform, review this help doc.

    Send documentation describing the mapping to your Success Manager / Implementation Specialist.
  2. Note:  This step is largely subjective to what data you want to pull into Google Analytics.
  3. Send us your Google Analytics Account Id so we can generate an auth link granting access to import.

    We will send you the auth link and a GA admin will need to click it and follow the authentication steps that follow.
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