Customizing the Touchpoint Id


Customizing the Touchpoint Id (also referred to as the Strala Id) is a common request. This guide will show you what options you have to modify it.

The Key Attribute

The Key attribute is a System Attribute that allows you to select from existing id Attributes and create an alternate to the standard Touchpoint Id. This allows you to customize the Touchpoint Id in new ways.For example, you can create a new id attribute and then use Dynamic Attributes to define it.

Then the Touchpoint Id will be updated to reflect your new key.

Finally, the new Touchpoint ID will be reflected in the final strala_id parameter in the full URL.

Modifying the Key in the Query String

The standard key in the query string strala_id can be modified by our engineering team upon request. It is common for teams to prefer a different naming convention for their primary campaign id. 

Notify your Success Manager or implementation specialist if you would like to change the name of the parameter across the platform.

Note: This change can only be made account wide, so it will be applied to all touchpoints.
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