Auto-Paused Audits and Journeys


Unused audits and broken Journeys are automatically paused to help keep your account clean and efficient. Paused audits and Journeys retain all the historical data just as any other audit or Journey but they stop collecting new data.

Auto Paused Audits

Audits are paused when the following two conditions are met:

  • They have not been accessed or edited during the timeframe below
  • They do not have custom rules applied to them.

Audits will never pause automatically if the report is accessed or the audit is edited within these timeframes:

Audit Frequency Auto Paused After
Daily 6 weeks
Weekly 3 months
Bi-weekly 4 months
Monthly 5 months
Quarterly 6 months
Semi-annually 12 months
Annually 24 months

To restart a paused audit, change the frequency field in the edit screen and save the changes.

One and Out Audits

These are unsuccessful audits that stalled after the first page. 

(e.g. The audit only scanned 1/100 pages.)

Audit Frequency Auto Paused After
Any 5 runs where they only scan 1 page

Auto Paused Journeys

Journeys automatically pause when they have many runs with action errors that have not been fixed. To restart a paused Journey, change the Frequency field in the edit screen and save the changes. They will be paused if they were created over 2 weeks ago and they meet the criteria below. (The errors must be of the same type, ie; an action error for 6 runs in a row.)

The Journeys pause according to the following criteria:

Journey Frequency Auto Pause Consecutive
Runs With Errors
Fifteen minutes 1200 runs
One hour 300 runs
Six hours 56 runs
Twelve hours 28 runs
Daily 14 runs
Weekly 12 runs
Bi-weekly 12 runs
Monthly 6 runs

For Journeys, best practice is to apply rules to them so that you always get alerted when a Journey has an error. 

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