Single Page Applications

Single-Page Applications 

What is a single-page application? 

A single-page application is a website that interacts with the user by dynamically changing or rewriting the webpage with new data from the server. This differs from the default method of a browser loading entire new pages. 

Every use case of a single-page application is different in how it interacts with ObservePoint. Audits may be affected or restricted by single-page applications. 

How to make a single-page application work with ObservePoint

When creating an Audit, you start on the Basic Setup page and in the Starting URL field you can add multiple URLs to scan, each URL needs to be entered on a separate line. ObservePoint can scan these URLs to ensure they have all of the necessary tags firing and rules working properly.  

Please reach out to ObservePoint Support at if you need help with this matter. 

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