Airtable Webhook Integration


Airtable is the intersection between a calendar, a database, a kanban board, a form, and a gallery. It is a very flexible project management tools. Once data is in Airtable, you can view it in any of the forms mentioned above.

Note: This integration is available according to the terms in your contract. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Account Executive with any questions.

Audit Rule Failures

After an audit with rule failures completes, an Airtable record will automatically be created and contain information about the audit, what day it ran, which rule(s) failed, and which pages the rule(s) failed on.

 An Airtable record showing Audit rule failure data.

Journey Action Failures

After a Journey with an action failure completes, an Airtable record will be created and contain information about the Journey, what day it ran, and which steps the action failure occurred. If rule failures took place, they will only appear after any action failure has been resolved.

 An Airtable record showing Journey action failure data.

Journey Rule Failures

If no action failures occurred but rule failures took place during a Journey, a record will be created and contain information about the Journey, which rule(s) failed, which steps the rule(s) failed on, and why rule(s) failed.

 An Airtable record showing Journey rule failure data.

Below is an example of the record in table form. From here it can be displayed in an Airtable Gallery, Kanban Board, etc.

 An example of ObservePoint data in table form within Airtable.

Note: For a more custom integration, discuss your preferred configuration with your Customer Success Manager.


  1. Login to Airtable
  2. Either create a set of login credentials for your team to use or send us an API key. If you choose to send us an API key, navigate to your Airtable account page. On your account overview page, under the API heading, click Generate API key.
  3. Send the login credentials or Airtable API key to your Customer Success Manager. (Note: An API key will be kept in complete confidence.)
  4. Identify key fields and default values that you want configured.
  5. For all Audits and Journeys that you want to trigger Airtable data creation,
    paste the following URL in the Complete Webhook URL field:
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