CAPTCHA's and ObservePoint


When you are in the process of building Journeys and Audits you may run into pages that utilize CAPTCHA technology, which helps prevent fraudulent activities and prevents bots from crawling certain segments of your website. 

CAPTCHAs may prevent ObservePoint from crawling these specific areas of your website. 

Your engineering teams can implement logic to waive the CAPTCHA requirement for visitors that use specified query parameters, cookies, local storage variables, or IP Addresses. Alternatively, it’s common to not see CAPTCHA requirements in lower environments e.g. test, QA, stage, and dev. You may opt to test in these environments if testing in product isn’t feasible.

Note: These are not guaranteed workarounds for ObservePoint to work on your website, it is always best to consult with your developers or whoever is responsible for the CAPTCHAs on your site when attempting this.
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