ObservePoint Notifications


This document will familiarize you with every kind of notification that ObservePoint sends. Notifications are essential to being successful with ObservePoint, they help you know when a process has been completed and alert you when something is broken. 

Audits - You can enable notifications by entering an email address in the Audit Notifications section when creating or editing an Audit. 

Journeys - You can enable notifications by entering an email address in the Journey Notifications section when creating or editing a Journey. 

Rules - You can enable Rules by entering an email address in the General section of a Rule when you are editing or creating one. 

Export Center - The Export Center is accessible by clicking on Data Sources and selecting Export Center. 

In the Export Center, you can see all of the exports listed in sequential order by creation date. Here you can copy the link to an export, download an export, and email an export by clicking on any of the three icons on the right side of the page. 



  • Audit completion


  • Journey Failure

  • Journey Recovered - This notification is sent out when a monitored Journey is fixed by the Journey Support Team

Export Center

  • All Export Notifications are sent when the export is ready to download after it was requested. Once an export is ready for download, it will also be available in the Export Center. 

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