JIRA Webhook Integration


JIRA is a very popular project management solution used by development teams to organize their work and assign it to individual team members.

When rules fail, we want the right people to know. By leveraging webhooks and the JIRA API we can create tickets for you or your dev team to identify implementation errors and take action.

After an Audit with rule failures completes, a JIRA issue will automatically be created and contain information about the audit, what day it ran, which rule(s) failed, and which pages the rule(s) failed on.

An example of a JIRA issue created after an Audit completed with rule failures.

If the list of pages with rule failures is too long, the issue will include a direct link to the list of URLs instead of listing each one in the JIRA issue description.

Audits with rule failures across a high number of pages will display a link to the URLs instead.

After a Journey with an action failure completes, a JIRA issue will be created and contain information about the Journey, what day it ran, and which steps an action failure occurred.

An example of a JIRA issue created after a Journey completed with rule failures.

If no action failures occurred but rule failures took place during a Journey, an issue will be created and contain information about the Journey, which rule(s) failed, which steps the rule(s) failed on, and why rule(s) failed.

An example of a JIRA issue created after a Journey completed with rule failures.


Note: Instructions may very depending on which version of JIRA your organization uses.
  1. Open and login to JIRA.
  2. Click JIRA Settings.

    Click Settings on the JIRA Sidebar.
  3. Select System.
    Select System
  4. Click Incoming Mail

    Click Incoming Mail.
  5. Click Add POP/IMAP mail server.
    If you wish to create your own mail server, click POP/IMAP mail server.
  6. From this page you can configure a mail server that JIRA will periodically scan. In this case, we linked an ObservePoint Email address, but JIRA does provide one pre-configured email address that you may use.

    Fill out the required fields in this form to set up a mail server.
  7. Click Add incoming mail handler. Here we will tell JIRA to create a new issue for each email this inbox receives.

    Click Add incoming mail handler
  8. Give the mail handler a name, choose the mail server you wish to use, select create new issue from each email message, and click next.

    Configure the mail handler.
  9. Configure the Project you want all issues assigned to, the Issue Type, use noreply@observepoint.com as the Catch Email Address and Reporter. Under Bulk, click "Accept the email for processing". Uncheck CC assignee.  When you're done, click save.

    Assign the Project, Issue Type, and Reporter
  10. Send the email address that you used in the Username field of the server to your Customer Success Manager so they can make sure your webhook is registered.

    Note: Until this step is completed, your JIRA integration is not active.
  11. For all Audits and Journeys that you want to trigger JIRA issue creation,
    paste the following URL in the Complete Webhook URL field: https://bsusz0ia3m.execute-api.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/demo/jira
Note: The resulting email is formatted in plain text.
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