Use Case Overviews


The Use Case Summary Report gives you a high-level overview of your Audit's performance and data. This report is conveniently broken into 4 different use case areas for your convenience. You can drill into this report by clicking on any report widget for a more detailed view of your data. 


  • Pages Scanned
  • Broken Pages
  • Average Page Load Time
  • Unique Tags 
  • Broken Tags Request
  • Average Tag Load Time
  • Tag Initiators
  • Unique Cookies
  • Non-Secure Cookies


  • Pages Scanned
  • Unique Analytics Tags
  • Tag Analytics
  • Top Tag Manager
  • Tag Requests
  • Broken Tag Requests
  • Duplicate Tag Requests
  • Tag & Variable Rule Failures
  • Unique Tag Variables
  • Unique Variable Values
  • Data Layer Coverage


  • Pages Without Do Not Share/Sell Links
  • New JavaScript Files
  • Unapproved Cookies
  • Unapproved Tags
  • Unapproved GEO Locations 

Landing Page

  • Pages Scanned
  • Broken Pages
  • Average Page Load Time
  • Pages Without Query Strings
  • Pages With Redirects
  • Unique Tags
  • Pages Missing Analytics
  • Pages Missing a Tag Manager
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