Microsoft Teams Integration


This Microsoft Teams integration notifies users when a given Audit or Journey is completed and includes information on rule and action failures. A notification is sent to a connected channel to inform the user if an Audit or Journey has completed and experienced any new failures.

Note: This integration is available according to the terms in your contract. Reach out to your Customer  Success Manager or Account Executive with any questions.

Audit Rule Failures

Users get notified when the most recent run of an Audit has more rules or condition failures than the previous run. The notifications in Teams for Audits looks like this for additional rule failures:

 Webhook notification will show an audit rule failure.

Journey Action & Rule Failures

Users are notified every time a Journey reports action failures or whenever the most recent run has new rule or condition failures. The notifications in Teams for Journeys look like this for action failures or rule failures:

Webhook notification will show a Journey action failure.

Webhook notification will show a new Journey rule failure.


  1. In Microsoft Teams, choose More Options (⋯), next to the channel name, and then choose Connectors.

  2. Scroll through the list of Connectors for Incoming Webhook, and choose Add or Configure.

  3. Enter a name for the webhook e.g. ObservePoint Notifications, upload an image to associate with data from the webhook, we suggest the app icon below, and choose Create.

  4. Copy the webhook to the clipboard and send it to your Customer Success Manager, so they can make sure the webhook is properly registered in the ObservePoint Database.

  5. Choose Done.
  6. Paste the following URL into the Webhook URL field: The webhook URL field is available in the Advanced Setup for audits and Journey Setup for Journeys.
    Note: Until this step is completed, your Microsoft Teams integration is not active.

Upon completion of an audit or Journey with webhooks, if a new rule or action failure occurred, ObservePoint will push a Teams message to the channel where the app was configured.

Send Email to Channel in Teams

Another method to send notifications to a Microsoft Teams channel is through their channel email creation feature.

The following link will explain how to send an email to a channel in teams:
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