Troubleshooting Android Apps

Your APK may require a physical device because it may have a library dependency that is compiled for ARM architecture only.

To run in the Android x86 emulators offered by ObservePoint, your APK needs to be an x86-compatible build.

To fix this issue, please compile your APK with x86 compatible libraries, so that your APK will run properly in the Google-provided Android emulators on your local machine.

Note for Android APKs With ARM Dependencies

ObservePoint has added additional support for mobile app builds that require Advanced RISC Machine (ARM) architecture. These app builds are not compatible with x86 processing architecture used for mobile emulator builds.

If the App Journey recorder detects that the mobile app doesn't support x86 architecture, it will automatically switch onto the ARM support version of the recorder. Currently, this is Nexus 5/Android 6.0.

The platform automatically switches to the supported ARM version of the Journey recorder the next time a Journey is run. This change still allows a Journey to be created, tags to be found, and rules to be applied to validate your app with the same build that is sent to the Google Play Store.

If you require that your app Journey be run using a specific device emulator (non ARM) then you must re-upload a new app file built for x86 emulator processing architecture.

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