Slack Webhook Integration

This Slack webhook integration notifies users when a given audit or Journey is completed and includes information on rule and action failures. A Slack notification is sent to a selected channel to inform the user if an audit or Journey has completed and experienced any new failures.

Users get notified when the most recent run of an audit has more rules or condition failures than the previous run. The notifications in Slack for audits looks like this for additional rule failures:

Webhook notification will show an audit rule failure.

Users are notified every time a Journey reports action failures or whenever the most recent run has new rule or condition failures. The notifications in Slack for Journeys look like this for action failures or rule failures:

Webhook notification will show a Journey action failure. 

Webhook notification will show a new Journey rule failure.

This document outlines the process to setup a custom Slack app in your workspace to receive notifications.


  1. Navigate to If needed, log into your Slack workspace and return back to that URL.
  2. Click "Create New App".This is dialogue to create a new app in Slack.
  3. For the app name enter ObservePoint Notifications, select the Slack workspace you want the notifications to be sent to, and click "Create App".

    Here you will select a workspace to receive notifications.
  4. On the resulting Basic Information page, scroll down to the section titled "Display Information". Add a description, background color, an app icon, and save your changes. For the app icon, you may use the following image:

    Here you will fill our suggested configurations for the app name, description, and background color.
  5. After you've saved your changes click "Incoming Webhooks" on the left-hand side of the screen and toggle the Off button to On.

    Make sure webhooks is activated in Slack.
  6. Click on "Add New Webhook to Workspace" button at the bottom. This is where you'll configure which channel you want the notifications to appear. Once done, click Install.

    Select the channel that you want notifications to appear in.
  7. Once that's configured, copy the new webhook URL shown in the screenshot below, and send it to your Customer Success Manager so that we can configure the integration for you. The ObservePoint integration with Slack will push the notifications through the Slack webhook URL.

    Copy the link in the red box and send it to your Customer Success Manager.

    Once the webhook URL you sent to your Customer Success Manager is in the ObservePoint database, paste the following URL into the Webhook URL field: The Webhook URL is available in the in Advanced Setup for audits and Journey Setup for Journeys.

    Upon completion of an audit or Journey with webhooks, if a new rule or action failure occurred, ObservePoint will push a Slack message to the workspace channel that was selected in the above configuration settings.

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