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Due to the dynamic nature of web pages, it is not uncommon for action steps in journeys to fail. Keeping track of journeys to ensure that they are monitored and fixed is a hefty task that can consume a lot of time. To alleviate this, you may request monitoring and fixes to your journey scripts from our Script Services team. Depending on contract size, you typically have 1-2 journeys that can be monitored and 5-10 journey fixes. The number of fixes and monitored journeys are displayed in the interface as you use them. To increase the number of monitors and fixes you have, or to add unlimited of both features, contact your consultant or account executive.

Monitor Journeys

The option for the Script Services team to monitor your journey is available in the edit screen for journeys. Choose this option on your critical journeys. Once this option is selected, the Script Services team is notified to keep an eye on the journey. Any issues with action failures that occur with this journey is fixed within 48 hours. Please note that the Script Services team does not attend to rule failures.

Make sure that each step of your journey is documented correctly. By using action names to document each step of your journey, the Script Services team can understand the expected result of that step. Otherwise it may slow down their process and require them to reach out to the account owner or consultant to determine the steps of the journey.

Fix Journeys

If a journey contains an action failure, the option to Fix Journey is available. Selecting this requests the professional services of the ObservePoint Script Services team.

If your journey has an action failure this option is available.

After selecting Fix Journey, a modal appears and displays the amount of journey fixes your account has remaining.

Confirm whether you want to request Script Services to fix your journey.

Just like monitoring journeys, providing Action Names on each step of the journey will help the ObservePoint team to determine what that step is intended to do in the journey. If these are missing, the team may take more time and/or reach out to the submitter to determine the desired steps.

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