Online Tutorials

These online tutorials are available for ObservePoint users to get familiar with the application with self-paced, hands-on learning. These tutorials have exercises and quizzes to build your confidence with the tool and present use cases to increase your ability to apply it to your data validation needs.

If you're looking for the live and recorded classes, see the Education Page.

WebAssurance Basics

These hands-on tutorials will help you prepare for the ObservePoint Professional Certification exam.

Basics Part 1: Overview and Audit Setup

Basics Part 2: Audit Reports, Data Governance and Rules

Basics Part 3: Building Web Journeys

Web Journey Manager (Beta)

Advanced Training

Setting Up CampaignAssurance

Managing and Validating Campaign Tracking Codes (Beta)



Earning the Professional Certification demonstrates your understanding of tag validation principles and that you are proficient using ObservePoint to do that.  See the links below for information on the exam.

Certification Study Guide

How to Enroll

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