OP Custom Tag - Collecting Network Request URLs


This custom tag collects network requests executed on a page, except those that have not been marked with performance tracking.

Note: This custom tag should capture about 90% of network requests.

Under Variable Summary in ObservePoint Data, select the Other Network Urls account to see the relevant variables.

  • 0-xx: Shows the source of where URL links are generated and the subsequent URL.
  • length: Shows the number of links found by page.

To capture these details in an Audit or Journey, paste the snippet below into an Execute Action:

function opReqGetAsync(paramObject, acct, callback) {

var baseURL = "https://opreq.observepoint.com/?acct=" + acct;

var opReq = new XMLHttpRequest();

opReq.onreadystatechange = function() {

if (opReq.readyState == 4 && opReq.status == 200) {




opReq.open("POST", baseURL, true);



var arr = window.performance.getEntries();

var resultArr = [];

for (var i = arr.length - 1; i >= 0; i--) {

if (arr[i].name.indexOf('http') === 0) resultArr.push(arr[i].name)


opReqGetAsync(resultArr, " Network Urls");

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