Approve & Exclude ObservePoint Traffic


The ObservePoint data collection servers use multiple private IP addresses to access your website.

Your IT department and Analytics administrators need to know these IP addresses to  approve traffic blocked by firewalls (and other bot detection methods) and exclude traffic from analytics.

Note: You are NOT required to approve all of them, but if you don't, it will limit the proxies you have available to you in the platform.

Firewall Approval

For security purposes, the ObservePoint IP addresses should be approved by your IT teams to prevent a firewall from blocking traffic detected from the ObservePoint servers. ObservePoint can hit your website with dozens of page requests per minute as you run Audits and Journeys, which can sometimes appear to your security devices as a malicious attack.

To prevent your firewall from rejecting traffic from ObservePoint servers, have your Security teams approve all the IP addresses from the table below.

Note: If firewall approval is not an option, review these other methods with your Security teams to ensure ObservePoint can securely access your web properties.

Exclude ObservePoint Traffic from Analytics

It is a best practice to exclude ObservePoint traffic from inflating your analytics reports. To do so, EXCLUDE all IP addresses listed below in your analytics administration console.

Note: See Exclude by IP Address for Adobe Analytics or Exclude Internal Traffic for Google Analytics.

IP Addresses & Proxy Locations

The following chart shows each of the IP addresses used by ObservePoint's Audits & Journeys. The proxies will be used for geo-location testing.

These IP Addresses are also available in a downloadable CSV file.

Note: For HTTPS pages, ObservePoint will automatically allow access to the browsers location when prompted.
IP Address Amazon Proxy Location Coordinates City This is a direct server. Direct—Oregon, US 45.5423706,-122.9345088 Portland Proxy—N. California, US 38.5617131,-121.5129516 Sacramento Proxy—N. California, US 38.5617131,-121.5129516 Sacramento Proxy—N. Virginia, US 38.8151083,-77.1258427 Alexandria Proxy—N. Virginia, US 38.8151083,-77.1258427 Alexandria Proxy—Dublin, Ireland 53.3242381,-6.3857834 Dublin Proxy—Dublin, Ireland 53.3242381,-6.3857834 Dublin Proxy—Tokyo, Japan 35.6682234,139.6708286 Tokyo Proxy—Tokyo, Japan 35.6682234,139.6708286 Tokyo Proxy—Sao Paulo, Brazil -22.530593,-50.8787667 Sao Paulo Proxy—Sao Paulo, Brazil -22.530593,-50.8787667 Sao Paulo Proxy—London, England 51.5285582,-0.2416782 London Proxy—London, England 51.5285582,-0.2416782 London Proxy—Frankfurt, Germany 50.1211909,8.566525 Frankfurt Proxy—Frankfurt, Germany 50.1211909,8.566525 Frankfurt Proxy—Singapore 1.3142837,103.7475779 Singapore Proxy—Singapore 1.3142837,103.7475779 Singapore Proxy—Sydney, Australia -33.8479271,150.6518023 Sydney Proxy—Sydney, Australia -33.8479271,150.6518023 Sydney Proxy—Toronto, Canada 43.7181557,-79.5181383 Toronto Proxy—Toronto, Canada
43.7181557,-79.5181383 Toronto Proxy - Seoul, Korea
Seoul Proxy - Seoul, Korea

LiveConnect Proxy

If you use LiveConnect, your firewall must allow access to the LiveConnect IP address:

IP Address
Amazon Proxy Location Coordinates
??? Direct—Oregon, US

ObservePoint User Agents

You may use ObservePoint user agents to identify and exclude or approve traffic coming from our servers.

Note: All User Agent strings contain the name "ObservePoint"
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