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Adding a label to Audits, Journeys, Rules and other features makes it easier to find and organize your content in the application. Creating labels are available in the following areas of the platform:

  • Cards

  • Audit Edit screen

  • Journey Edit screen

  • Rules

Best Practices

It is best practice to label your Audits and Journeys with:

  • Your name/initials

  • Environment (ie; Prod, Dev or Stage)

  • Purpose or Key Metric (ie; Adobe Analytics, Tealium, Data Layer Monitoring, Marketing Campaigns, Application, etc.)

It's also good to create labels for your rules that will group them together by purpose and as always, your name.

Creating Labels

You'll find the option to add labels on the first screen in the creation of Rules, Journeys or Audits or when you click to edit them. If you are tagging something with a label that has already been created, start typing it in and it will appear as an option. Click it to pin the label. If it is a new label, type it out and click create new. The new label is created, but to pin it you must type it in once again and select the newly created label.

For convenience, add labels directly on the card. Click on the label section at the bottom of the card and add a label.

At the top of the page on the Manage Cards screen, type in the filter by label text box to only see Audits/Journeys with a particular label.

Additionally, add labels on rules in the Rule Library or during the creation or edit of a rule.

Label rules for organization. You'll need to hover to get the prompted to add a label or delete a label.

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