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Creating Action Rules in Journey Reports
Creating Action Rules in Journey Reports
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Journey Reports allow you to create new rules on-the-fly to make it easier to take advantage of data captured in a run. Instead of interrupting your analysis by exiting the Journey report and opening the Rule Builder, you can examine tags and their variables in the context of a step and create a rule from them immediately. These on-the-fly rules are then saved in the Rule Builder so they can be used in other Journeys or Audits.

Quick Rule Builder

As you examine the variables for each step in the Tags tab, you can see all the values collected by all the tags at each step along the way. To validate that a value is always collected on that step, click the plus button (+) to make a quick rule.

A quick builder screen pops up that allows you to begin configuring the rule. Scroll down the list of variables and check the box of any that you want to validate. If you select all the variables, the rule will look for each of them and their values each time that step is executed. Save it in the library and apply it to that step by clicking Add Rule. The rule will not immediately show in the report screen because there is nothing yet to report, but the next time you run the Journey, the new rule will be executed and show up in the Rules tab. However, it will show up immediately in the edit screen on its action.

Custom Rule Builder

If you want to further configure the rule, click on Customize Selected Variables after entering the quick builder screen. This will open up the Rule Builder create screen and automatically pre-configures all the variables you've already selected.

Once inside the Rule Builder, you can modify any of the results and add tag conditions. This screen is the same as the create screen in the Rule Builder, except it does not allow URL or Status Code conditions, only Tag conditions.

If you've selected one or more variables from the quick builder screen, they will be pre-configured here to have the same values as what was collected on that step. You can configure any of the variables with any operator available from the regular Rule Builder. The best practice is to choose only the variables that should be validated at this step.

When you choose Save Rule, the rule is applied to the step and preserved in the library of rules. Like a rule created in the quick builder, it will not show up in the report until after the Journey has run, though it will show in the Journey's edit screen.

Rules Tab

You can also create new rules on-the-fly from the Rules tab inside the Journey report. Click the add rule button (+) to add a rule already configured and saved in the library.

See Journey Rules Reporting for a description of the Rules tab.

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