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Login Troubleshooting
Login Troubleshooting
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This document will help you troubleshoot login issues that you may occasionally experience. There are several reasons you may be experiencing login issues outside of not knowing your password.

ObservePoint isn't recognizing my password, what do I need to do?

You will want to reset your password on the login page at Click on the Forgot password or username link.

Enter the email address associated with the account that needs to have its password reset.

Check the email address that was entered and look for a password reset email from ObservePoint. The subject line will be ObservePoint Password Reset Request. If you cannot find the email, please check your spam or trash folder.

Open the email and click the link and enter a new password. Once you have reset your password you can try logging in again.

There may be other reasons that may cause login issues such as:

  • The invoice has not been paid - Contact your ObservePoint Customer Success Manager

  • Your account may be open out of contract - Contact your ObservePoint Customer Success Manager

  • System outage - Please look for updates on the ObservePoint Slack Community.

  • User access was recently removed - Contact your ObservePoint Administrator or ObservePoint Customer Success Manager

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