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Android: Configuring the LiveConnect Proxy
Android: Configuring the LiveConnect Proxy
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In order to use LiveConnect, you will need to configure the LiveConnect Proxy through a browser extension or by changing the proxy settings on your device. This page shows how to change the proxy settings on an Android device.

Android apps for the Nougat OS or higher (7.0+) need special setup before the certificate instructions here will work. See Preparing Apps with Android Nougat (7.0) and Above for details.

  1. In a browser on your computer, access LiveConnect and select the Device and Profile you previously created. Click New Journey. Before you start recording, complete the following steps using the Proxy and Port indicated on the New Journey page.

  2. Go to Settings.

    Android Settings App

  3. Tap on Network & Internet.

    Network & Internet Settings

  4. Tap Wi-Fi.

    Network & Internet menu

  5. In Wi-Fi, long press on your connected network until network options appear. Tap Modify Network.

    Modify Wi-Fi Network

  6. Expand Advanced Options and tap Manual in Proxy.

    Manual Proxy Configuration

  7. Set the Proxy Hostname and Proxy Port to the Proxy and Port indicated on the New Journey page in the LiveConnect interface. Tap Save.

    Proxy & Port Configuration

  8. You can now open the app in question on your Android device and analyze the tags in the LiveConnect interface through your computer browser.

  9. Return to Settings after recording your App Journey to disable the proxy settings (follow the previous steps to Modify Network and then set Proxy to None).

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