Checking the Privacy Policy Link

An important aspect of GDPR is the requirement for the privacy policy to be easily accessible from any page on the web site. You can check your site for any pages missing the privacy policy link.

Open the Variable Inventory report, choose the ObservePoint Data tag and examine how often the privacy policy link was found during the audit. The report will show the number of times the link was found (click into the Values column), the number of times it was recorded (Set) and the number of times it was not recorded (Not Set) during the audit.

Follow these steps to set up an audit to look for the privacy policy link on each page of the audit:

  1. Create a discovery audit to scan pages on your site
  2. Create an Execute action on the Actions tab and paste in the following code:
    function opReqGetAsync(t,e,o){var c=""+e,i=new XMLHttpRequest;i.onreadystatechange=function(){4==i.readyState&&200==i.status&&o(i.responseText)},"POST",c,!0),i.send(JSON.stringify(t))}var privacyPolicyExists=!1;jQuery("#footer a:contains(Privacy & cookies policy)").length>0&&(privacyPolicyExists=!0);var obj={Privacy_Policy:privacyPolicyExists};opReqGetAsync(obj,"Privacy_Policy");
  3. Modify the code "jQuery("#footer a:contains(Privacy & cookies policy)")" with your own CSS selector to identify the privacy link on your site. In the case above, the selector looks for the footer ID and a link that contains the text "Privacy and cookies policy".
  4. Set the action to run on every page.
  5. Save and run the audit.

Alternate Action Code

Alternatively, you can use the following script to capture both the privacy policy links and the consent cookie in a single audit. See Checking the Privacy Cookie for more information about capturing the privacy cookie.

function opReqGetAsync(e,n,c){var o=""+n,a=new XMLHttpRequest;a.onreadystatechange=function(){4==a.readyState&&200==a.status&&c(a.responseText)},"POST",o,!0),a.send(JSON.stringify(e))}var emeaCheck=!1,euBannerShown=!1,privacyPolicy=!1;document.cookie.indexOf("emea_check")>-1&&(emeaCheck=!0),document.cookie.indexOf("eu-banner-shown")>-1&&(emeaCheck=!0),$(".Footernav-disclaimer-link:contains(Privacy)").length>0&&(privacyPolicy=!0);var obj={emea_check:emeaCheck,"eu-banner-shown":euBannerShown,privacy_policy:privacyPolicy};opReqGetAsync(obj,"gdpr_check");

Modify the code " $(".Footernav-disclaimer-link:contains(Privacy)")" with your own CSS selector to identify the privacy link on your site. In this case, the selector looks for an element with the Footernav-disclaimer-link CSS class that also contains a link with the text "Privacy" in it.

More Information

If you need additional information about this report and how it may help you expose risk for collecting personally identifiable information, please contact your ObservePoint Customer Success Manager.

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