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Consent Categories
Consent Categories
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Consent Categories allows users to define and list of approved or unapproved cookies, tags, and request domains & geolocations. It is a powerful tool to help you validate your Consent Management Platform or simply tighten up the governance that you have around the data you collect across your web properties.

Note: You cannot apply conflicting types of consent categories i.e. Approved and Unapproved. If an items does not exist on the approved list(s) applied to an audit it will be flagged as unapproved.

Consent Categories

The table below shows the list of existing consent categories and allows you to add notes, add labels, edit, duplicate, delete, or see history for each. You can also see the type and number of cookies, tags, and domains & geos included in the list.

You can click the audits icon to see the list of audits where a consent category is assigned and either select the name to navigate to the audit report or un-assign the category from the audit.

Selecting the download icon in the top right will send a download link to your email with an export of all consent categories.

Note: They will be separated by individual tabs in the in .csv file.

Create, Assign, and Update

Selecting this dropdown offers you the ability to:

  • Import cookies from a CMP export

  • Create a New Consent Category

  • Assign Consent Categories to Data Sources

Import Cookies

Selecting this option launches a modal that guides you through the process of downloading a .csv file template and then uploading it.

Once you are successful uploading the complete .csv template file, you will see an import preview. From here you can Save & Close or Save & Assign to Data Sets.

Create a New Consent Category

Selecting this option launches a modal that steps you through the process to create an approved or unapproved list.

If you complete the form, but choose not to pull data in from a web audit listed in the table, you can select the button below to create an approved list from a blank slate.

If you select web audit(s), you can pull in data from the audit report(s).

After you select the audit(s), you can select individual cookies, tags, and request domains & geolocations.

Finally, you can select Create & Close to finish.

Assign Consent Categories

Selecting this option allows you to select Consent Categories that you want to apply to one or more audits.

Next, you simply select the audits and click Done.

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