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Best Practices: Airline Industry
Best Practices: Airline Industry
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Best Practices - Airline Industry

This document goes over some of the best practices for our Airline Industry customers and how they use Observepoint. Below are some recommendations that several of our current customers have found to be highly beneficial.


  • Build Journeys for all of the booking flows that customers utilize. This helps you see how simple or complicated the booking flow may be and how it affects the customer experience.

  • Build Journeys for managing trips as this is typically a very important key performance indicator for airlines.

  • Build Journeys for rewards points programs. Customers are highly motivated to book trips using points, you will want to make sure that you have a refined and smooth booking process. It is also insightful to have a Journey to see the points that have accrued.

  • For all Journeys above, work with IT teams to understand what the best way to create these Journeys and to automate them. i.e. lower environment testing, test credentials for prod, etc.


  • General discovery Audits that sample a significant group of pages are recommended.

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