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Alerts allow you to monitor almost every metric that is in an Audit. If you are getting started with Alerts and need a few recommendations, you should start here. These are some recommended Alerts that you can set up to start monitoring metrics that many ObservePoint customers find helpful. These metrics are a good baseline to start with.

Once these have been applied to a couple of Audits, you will want to periodically evaluate them to ensure that they are meeting your expectations. If an Alert is not triggering or is triggering after every Audit run, that is a sign that you may want to re-evaluate an Alert.

Recommended Alerts


  • Description: Detect dips in the Audit Score which is the sum of multiple Audit health factors.

    • Logic: Audit Score < {Target Value}


  • Description: Monitor Pages that result in 0, 400, or 500-level (Broken) status codes

    • Logic: Broken Final Pages > 0

  • Description: Detects broken links on each page that could negatively affect performance.

    • Logic: Broken Links > 0

  • Description: Monitor page load times and identifies pages that could cause this number to spike.

    • Logic: Average page load time increased by 10+%

  • Description: Detect pages that are loading slower than 3 seconds. Higher load times negatively affect page performance and SEO.

    • Logic: Pages Scanned > 0 (Filter: Pages > Load Time > Custom Range > Minimum Seconds value set to 3)

  • Description: Detect pages that are larger than 5 megabytes. Large pages can result in higher page load times.

    • Logic: Page Size > 5 MB

Tag & Variable Rules

  • Description: Monitor failed Rules for any significant spikes in Rule failures.

    • Logic: Rules Failed Increases by 10%

  • Description: Monitor a specific Rule for failures.

    • Logic: Rule Failures > 0 with Filter of specific Rule Name applied

Tag Inventory

  • Description: Monitor broken tags with the option of monitoring specific tags. You can set up multiple Alerts for multiple tags if needed.

    • Logic: Broken Tags > 0 (Filter: Desired Tag)

Tag Health

  • Description: Monitor any increases in tag load times. Any increases can negatively affect page performance as well.

    • Logic: Tag Load Time Increase by x percent

Variable Inventory

  • Description: Detect if there are any unique tags.

    • Logic: Unique Tags change by 1

Duplicates & Multiples

  • Description: Detect duplicate tags that could slow down page load times.

    • Logic: Total Duplicates > 0 (Filter: Analytics tag)

Cookie Inventory

  • Description: Monitor non-secure & 3rd party cookies for site security.

    • Logic: Non-Secure cookies & 3rd Party cookies > 0

Browser Console Logs

  • Description: Monitor any errors in the browser console log.

    • Logic: Errors > 0 (Filter: Any Related Tag or specific Analytics tag)

Privacy - Cookies

  • Description: Detect any new unapproved cookies that could compromise site security and privacy compliance.

    • Logic: Unapproved Cookies > 0

Privacy - Tags

  • Description: Monitor any increases in unapproved tags for site security and privacy compliance.

    • Logic: Unapproved Tags > 0

Privacy - Request Domains & Geos

  • Description: Identify and monitor to which countries site data is being sent and to which vendors for site security.

    • Logic: Unapproved > 0

Privacy - JavaScript File Changes

  • Description: Monitor any changes in JavaScript file changes for site security.

    • Logic: Changes Files > 0

Privacy - 3rd Party Non-Secure Cookies

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