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ObservePoint Applications: SEO
ObservePoint Applications: SEO
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ObservePoint offers two primary solutions for those looking to improve their page rankings through SEO:

  • Pages Report - contains status code, page size, page load time

  • SEO Custom Tags

Pages Report

The Pages Report is included in every Audit and helps you clean up unwanted 300, 400, and 500-level status codes that impact your search rankings. Page status codes can also be found on the bottom of all reports.

For documentation on the Pages Report, click here.

SEO Custom Tags

ObservePoint's custom tags are Javascript snippets that you can paste into an Audit action to expand the data we collect on each page.

There are 3 custom tags designed to help you succeed in your SEO goals:

    • This custom tag provides test a baseline of SEO best practices.

    • This tag provides additional SEO data including values for key metadata such as descriptions, keywords, and page titles.

    • Configuring a JSON-LD object is one of the more advanced SEO practices. This tag helps you validate the format and contents of your JSON-LD object.

For more details on what this tag collects and how to apply it to your next audit, click one of the links above.

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