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ObservePoint Customer Success Internal Training Policy
ObservePoint Customer Success Internal Training Policy
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Ongoing Training Policy

Team Training Sessions

ObservePoint Customer Success team members participate in a recurring training every 2 weeks covering topics including:

  • Customer Success best practices

  • Standards for professional engagement with customers

  • Product Updates

  • Known product issues (e.g. bugs, design flaws, etc.)

  • Relevant industry related announcements or updates

Employee Coaching and Mentoring

ObservePoint Customer Success team members are coached through meeting recording software solutions that allow management to review and comment on segments of a customer meeting, identify knowledge gaps, and provide feedback to the team member. Team members can request feedback to be given on specific calls, if specific calls are not recommended, management selects customer calls themselves on a weekly cadence.

Mentoring occurs one on one with weekly meetings and through co-hosted customer calls where both managers and senior team members host the customer meeting and work together to implement best practices with the customer.

Quarterly Summits

On a quarterly basis, the Customer Success team meets with the company as a whole to account for their performance in the previous quarter. As a result, policies and procedures are updated to maximize customer satisfaction and improve experience.

Self Enablement

All Customer Success team members are encouraged and allotted budget for self-enablement in areas relating to daily work and customer needs including but not limited to:

  • Web Analytics

  • Marketing Attribution

  • HTML, CSS, & Javascript

  • Software Development (Web & Mobile)

  • SEO

  • Page Performance Testing


New Hire Training

Onboarding Tutorial

Onboarding TutorialAll new hires must complete the Customer Success Onboarding self-paced tutorial within their first 30 days. This tutorial documents all internal tools and processes required for their specified role.

Product Certification

All new hires are certified to demonstrate the value of ObservePoint's products. These certifications require successful demonstration of our solutions and competency in core subjects related to the industry that we serve and deliver solutions for. Multiple successful demonstrations are required for certification.

All new hires are expected to complete certification for all product lines within their first 90 days.

Company Policy

All new hires are required to study our company handbook and abide by the policies explicitly stated there.

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