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ObservePoint Tag Debugger (Chrome Extension)
ObservePoint Tag Debugger (Chrome Extension)
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Note: Download the ObservePoint TagDebugger from the Chrome Webstore here

The ObservePoint Tag Debugger is a Chrome extension that helps troubleshoot marketing tags by showing all the tags that fire on a page in a single list. It allows you to:

  • See a list of all tags and the number of times they fire on a page.

  • Examine the tag itself in both encoded and unencoded formats.

  • View all the variable values each tag passes when it fires during and after page load.

  • Record a list of tags as you navigate from page to page.

  • Export the recorded list of tags to a tab-delimited file.


Once the extension is installed, open the Developer Tools (View > Developer > Developer Tools) and click the ObservePoint tab.

  1. Refresh the page and wait for the tags to finish loading.

  2. Click on an item from the list of tags found on the page to see its variables.

  3. Scroll the right panel up and down to see all the values passed from the selected tag.

  4. Click the Request tab at the top right of the panel to see the raw encoded and unencoded tag.

  5. Click the Record button to retain all the tags as you navigate from page to page, including any link tracking that may occur.

  6. Erase the list in the panel by clicking the Clear button.

  7. Download the list into a tab-delimited file by clicking the Download button.


Occasionally you may find that the tool does not show any tags even after refreshing the page. If this is the case, do the following:

  1. Verify that there are actually tags on the page by searching for one of them in the Network panel (search for google-analytics or, for example).

  2. If you know there are tags on the page, check to see if another instance of the Debugger Tool is open. If so, close both and use only one instance at a time.

  3. If there are tags on the page that do not show in the debugger list, verify that the tag is listed in ObservePoint's tag database. While ObservePoint tracks hundreds of tags, you may have one on your page that is not yet on our list.

Adding a Datalayer

  1. Click on Details in the OP Tag Debugger Extension

  2. Scroll to the Bottom

  3. Click Extension Options

  4. Add the name of your data layer object (if multiple, separate by semi-colons)

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