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Downloading & Uploading HAR Files (Mobile)
Downloading & Uploading HAR Files (Mobile)
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ObservePoint's HAR File Upload Solution ingests HTTP archive files or HAR files that contain network log data and other information passed between the website and the browser. These fairly large files contain a vault of useful information, including the network requests fired from all of the events fired (page load, click, scroll, etc.) during a session.

Once ingested, it generates reports on Tags identified in the network logs and allows you to process that data with Rules. You can also export the process data.

Note: This feature might not be available to you currently. If so, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or our support team [email protected] if you want to request access.

Downloading a HAR File

To generate a HAR file on a mobile device and download it, you'll need to use Charles Proxy. Here is a 7-minute youtube video walking through the configuration of Charles Proxy for both web and mobile.

With Charles configured and the proxy set up on your mobile device, you can start to interact with any app and see the network traffic record. Once you have completed a session, you'll want to save the HAR file.

To save it, right-click any network request in the left sidebar and select Export Session.

Then, change the format to HTTP Archive (.har) and click Save.

Note: If you want to see how this is done for the web (on your desktop), click here

Uploading a HAR File

In LiveConnect, users can upload HAR files and later process rules to check for tags and variables they expect to fire.

  1. Open LiveConnect.

  2. Pick a device that has been previously added (add a new one if you haven't yet).

  3. Click Upload HAR.

  4. Add a HAR name and choose the file(s) or drag them into the box, then click Upload.

  5. Once the HAR file upload is complete, click Done.

    Note: The report won't be available until you receive the email notifying you that processing is complete.

  6. Either click the link in the email or find the Journey Report in LiveConnect.

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