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Validate Critical Links from Marketing Emails
Validate Critical Links from Marketing Emails
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With ObservePoint, you can send any email message from your email marketing program to a designated email address. ObservePoint will automatically extract all the links contained in the email and use them as Starting URLs for your audits. You can also specify certain URLs to exclude from the final list. This feature allows you to run audits on these specific URLs without any additional crawling. This ensures targeted and efficient auditing of your email campaigns.

Simply set up an inbox with the create button, assign test scenarios “Audits”, and let us do the rest. When the associated Audits are complete we’ll send you a comprehensive summary of the findings.

This feature is available to all users and is included in your existing subscription. It's easy to use and leverages our robust functionality to ensure your critical landing pages are validated and working correctly.

Here’s how it works:

First, get an Inbox Address: Create an inbox and assign Audits to that inbox. Under the Configurations menu, select Email Inboxes and start creating your first inbox.

Once the inbox is created, an address for the inbox is generated. The address will be used to send your email messages to for validation.

Second, send your Email Messages: Add this custom email address to your test send group(s) or forward any message. Any message sent to this inbox will automatically run any associated Audits.

Third, review results: After all Audits are complete, notifications from Audit summaries, Tag & Variable Rules and Alerts will be sent out as normal for each Audit assigned.

Don't wait! Create your first inbox now and send in your first email for validation! Most people will add this inbox address to their email test send group or to test it out you can simply forward any email to your new address.

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