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Landing Page Validation
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We recommend you test landing pages to ensure great customer experiences and correct marketing attribution. Landing pages are critical to your digital demand strategy and are weighted much higher than other pages in importance because of the resources spent to drive traffic to these pages. You need to optimize these pages and ensure correct marketing attribution to get a true picture of which campaigns are successful or not to ultimately inform your marketing teams how to invest in the future.

You can also check our latest release to Validate Critical Links from Marketing Emails by just creating an inbox in the ObservePoint app.


There are 3 phases of implementation that you need to consider.

  1. Acquiring pages to scan

  2. Configuring the Audit

  3. Creating & applying relevant Tag & Variable Rules & Alerts.

Acquiring Pages to Scan

Landing pages can consist of pages that accessed by simply navigating to them on a website e.g. product pages. Other landing pages cannot be crawled but others may be accessible only through links in an email or links associated with a digital advertisement.

To get a list of your landing pages depends on the website platform and tools you are using.

Some example tools you can get these from include:

  • Adobe Analytics

  • Google Analytics

  • Ad Vendors like:Google, Bing, Facebook, and Linkedin

  • Content Managements Systems (CMS)

Configuring the Audit

After getting a list of your landing pages you simply copy and paste them into the starting URLs box on the Audit setup page and toggle “Audit starting URLs only”.

Toggling on this feature will ensure that the Audit only scans these URLs and doesn't continue to crawl to other pages it finds.

See our Creating Audits help doc if you are unfamiliar with this process.

We recommend that you schedule these to run at least daily. Higher frequencies will be appropriate if you have discovered issues in the past or if you are spending a significant amount of resources to drive traffic to these pages and you cannot afford to discover a problem after a 24 hour period.

Note: Because ObservePoint doesn't support frequencies higher than daily, reach out to your Success Manager to about solutions to trigger Audits at a higher frequency using our REST API.

Creating & Applying Relevant Tag & Variable Rules & Alerts

ObservePoint recommends configuring a variety of alert types for landing pages to support different use cases. There may be others that you find are also relevant for your business, but here is a list of examples we recommend first.

  • Query Parameters lost after URL redirect(s)

  • Analytics Tag Present

  • Analytics Tag capturing query parameters in the corresponding variables

  • Broken Pages (e.g. 404 page status codes)

  • Broken Links

  • Page Load Time exceeded a specified threshold (e.g. 3 seconds)

  • Unapproved Tags

  • Unapproved Cookies

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