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JavaScript File Changes Report
JavaScript File Changes Report
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The JavaScript File Changes Audit report shows all JavaScript files that were present across your scan and allows you to identify the files that have been modified. It delivers insights into the file size changes and the dates on which the files are modified.

Note: To take full advantage of these reports will require that you run an Audit more than once. We recommend you run it on a regular cadence so you can monitor changes closely

Summary Metrics

The metrics in the top section of the report display:

  • The # of pages scanned

  • The # of Javascript files changed since the previous run

  • The # of new JavaScript files introduced

  • The # of JavaScript files that had a last modified date change

  • The # of JavaScript files that changed in size

JavaScript File Changes

The JavaScript File Changes table displays all unique JavaScript files that were identified during the Audit and the following attributes:

  • Tag

  • File Name

  • File Domain

  • 1st / 3rd PARTY

  • Change Type

  • Largest Date Difference

  • Largest Size Difference (Bytes)

  • # of Pages

After selecting a row in the JavaScript File Changes table, the list of pages below will filter to the pages where that file was present at the time of the Audit.

Pages Scanned

After filtering the list of pages, you can drill into the Page Details Report to do further analysis.

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