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Alerts for Tag and Variable Rulesf
Alerts for Tag and Variable Rulesf
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ObservePoint has different types of notifications, this document will help you differentiate between Alert notifications and general Tag & Variable Rule notifications. In most cases, we encourage all ObservePoint users to take advantage of our Alerts service over Rule notifications.

Alert Notifications

Alert Notifications for Tag and Variable Rules are highly customizable and we will always recommend using Alert notifications over Rule notifications. Alerts can be set up for individual Rules or a group of Rules.

Alerts allow you to:

  • Set custom thresholds for Rules and Variables

  • Monitor specific critical Rules

  • e.g. An Alert can be set up for all Rules applied to an Audit and will trigger if Rule failures increase by 10%.

Rule Notifications

You can set up Rule notifications by adding subscribers when you edit or create a new Rule. These will only trigger when a Rule failure occurs. They cannot be customized and are limited to showing the Rule logic.

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