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ObservePoint Integrations
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At ObservePoint, we strive to make your workflow for producing quality data more efficient. Below is a list of technologies we support and links to their corresponding help files.

Communication and project management integrations leverage the power of webhooks.

Continuous integration/continuous delivery integrations leverage ObservePoint's API.

Data Visualization integrations are leveraged via exports and ObservePoint's API.

Since these technologies vary in complexity, we recommend working with your Customer Success Manager to set up these integrations correctly.


Project Management

Data Visualization

Tag Management


Due to the nature of CI/CD technologies leveraging our API, we support them all. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Jenkins

  • Git Lab CI

  • Bamboo

  • Circle CI

  • Azure DevOPs

For more information, see the CI/CD Integration help file.

Note: If you didn't see the integration that you were hoping for, reach out to your Success Manager to see if it can added to a future integration.

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