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Cookie Initiators
Cookie Initiators
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Cookie Initiators is a powerful feature designed to provide detailed insights into the origin and timing of cookie settings within the context of a Journey or Audit. It allows users to understand who sets a cookie and when it was set, enabling better tracking and analysis of cookie behavior.

Initiation Methods

When it comes to cookie settings, there are various ways they can be initiated. Cookie Initiators feature categorizes these initiation methods into four types: Application Code (APP), HTTP Response Header (HTTP), ObservePoint Action (OP_ACTION), and Unknown. By identifying the specific initiator type, users can gain a deeper understanding of how cookies are being set.

To collect initiator data, the feature leverages different sources. It captures information from application code running within the browser, set-cookie headers extracted from network response events, and actions taken by Journeys or Audits. This comprehensive data collection approach ensures that no cookie initiator goes unnoticed.

The collected initiator data is appended to each cookie object, allowing users to easily determine the initiator type, the originating request (for APP and HTTP initiators), and the associated technology (when available). This information can be immensely helpful in understanding the context and purpose of each cookie.

Cookie Initiators in Audits

To locate the Cookie Initiators in an Audit, start by selecting a completed Audit.

Click on the Cookie Inventory Report.

There are two different ways to access the Cookie Initiators from this point:

Option A: Select a specific page URL to view all the cookies present on that page.

Option B: Filter the pages by selecting a particular cookie.

If you choose Option A, you will be able to see all the cookies associated with the page URL you selected. Click on any cookie to view its details.

By selecting a cookie, you can access its origin story along with its accompanying initiators and actions. This will provide you with a comprehensive view of the cookie's attributes.

Cookie Initiators in Journeys

To locate Cookie Initiators in a Journey, begin by selecting a completed Journey run.

Once the Journey Report has loaded, choose any Journey Action.

Select the Cookies tab.

Next, select any specific cookie from the list.

By selecting a cookie, you will be able to access its origin story, along with its accompanying initiators and actions. This comprehensive view will provide you with a complete understanding of the cookie's attributes.

Origin Stories

Origin stories of cookies tell you when it was first set and if any site actions like page load, network requests, or JavaScript execution have changed their parameters. If any changes, including the expiration date, have been made to the cookie, they will be reported in the origin story. Please note that on-page actions have the potential to impact the parameters of the cookie. Cookie origin stories give you a clear picture of how the cookie has evolved and been influenced by various actions on the site.


By utilizing the Cookie Initiators feature, users gain valuable insights into their cookies' origins and behavior. This empowers them to make informed decisions, optimize their tracking strategies, and enhance their understanding of cookie-related activities within their Journeys and Audits.

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