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Cookie Reporting
Cookie Reporting
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There have been several significant updates in Audit and Journey reports giving new and important insights on how cookies are behaving on websites. Noteworthy changes include how cookies were loaded and which technology caused them to load. Within reports, this new information can be broken down into two categories.

Cookie Origin Story

Origin story describes when a cookie was initially set and if other site actions such as page load, network request loading, or JavaScript executing reset the cookie with changed parameters. If any cookie parameters were changed, including the expiration date, this will be reported within the origin story. Keep in mind that any configured on-page actions could affect cookie parameters.

Cookie Initiator(s)

An initiator is part of the origin story and identifies the file or method that actually created the cookie. These methods are JavaScript file execution or an HTTP header with a set-cookie directive. If JavaScript was executed, reporting will list where in the file the cookie was being set.

Cookie Relations

Not only does the reporting tell you when or how the cookie loaded, but it also calls out which Technology loaded it. It provides in-report hotlinks to learn more about Technologies behavior on the website.

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