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OP Custom Tag - 1st Party Cookie Validation
OP Custom Tag - 1st Party Cookie Validation
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Knowing what cookies your website is setting is critical to GDPR compliance. A simple Audit report can show you all cookie values set by your site, how many times they are set or not set, and on which pages. This information is valuable as you evaluate how compliant your site is with cookie collection regulations.

Once you set up an Audit to capture the cookie values, you can easily see the results from a single report:

Access this screen from the Variable Summary report, click on the ObservePoint Data tag, choose the account, and you can see all the cookie data set during the Audit.

Furthermore, you can click on any of the numbers to see all the values, pages where set, and pages where a cookie is not set.

Here is a process for setting up an audit to quickly find out what cookies are being set across your site:

  1. Create an audit to access the pages you want to check. This can be a large discovery audit or a small, targeted audit.

  2. Paste the following script as an Execute action in the Actions tab.

  3. Set the action to run on every page.

  4. Save the Audit and run it.

function runOP() {
function opReqGetAsync(t, e, n) {
var o = "" + e,
s = new XMLHttpRequest;
s.onreadystatechange = function() {
4 == s.readyState && 200 == s.status && n(s.responseText)
},"POST", o, !0), s.send(JSON.stringify(t))
var getCookies = function() {
for (var e = document.cookie.split(";"), o = {}, r = 0; r < e.length; r++) {
var c = e[r].trim().split("=");
o[c[0].replace(/ /g, "_").replace(/['"{}]+/g, "").replace(/,/g, "|")] = decodeURIComponent(c[1]).replace(/ /g, "_").replace(/['"{}]+/g, "").replace(/,/g, "|")
return o
myCookies = getCookies();
opReqGetAsync(myCookies, "cookies");
setTimeout(runOP, 800);

The Audit runs the script on every page and creates a pseudo tag, called ObservePoint Data. All the cookies set by the site are recorded in this tag on each page and then transferred to ObservePoint so they can be seen in the Variable Summary report.

If you need additional information about this report and how it may help you expose risk for collecting personally identifiable information, please contact your ObservePoint Customer Success Manager.

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