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Variable Inventory Report
Variable Inventory Report
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The Variable Inventory Audit report allows users to explore every detail of the variables and respective values in the data collected throughout the Audit. It can be very helpful in identifying patterns of values collected and potential taxonomy or data layer misalignment hurting your core metrics.

Variable Summary

At the top of the report you will see a summary of the scan including:

  • Pages Scanned

  • Total number of unique tags

  • Total number of total tag requests

  • Total number of unique variables

  • Total number of unique values

The charts are expandable and will let you compare the latest run to previous runs.

Variable Details

All tags collected are displayed on the left-hand side. Once a tag is selected, users can explore the variable and value details including number of unique values, pages where variables were set, and pages where variables were not set.

You can click on any of these numbers to filter the list of URLs below this table. The columns displayed in the table below are specific to the context of your filtering choices. Any URLs can be clicked to analyze in a Page Detail report.

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