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Audit Reports Summary
Audit Reports Summary
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This document has a brief summary of each of the reports found in an Audit Report. Each report has a brief video to go over the basics of that report and how you can best utilize the data therein.

Audit Summary Report: This report allows users to see a high-level summary of Audit results, but also drill down into other reports with filters specific to the desired insights. This report also helps you to focus in on the Primary Tags that you have identified in your account. When you open up the report you'll see the details of your Audit.

Rule Summary Report: This report will give you insight into how your Audit rules have been applied to an Audit if they've passed, on which pages they failing, and more!

Page Summary Report: This report will give you a snapshot of the health of the pages scanned in your Audit. It is also a great place to look up a specific URL for troubleshooting or analysis.

Tag Inventory Report: This report provides insights into the implementation rate of all tags found across the pages scanned.

Tag Health Report: This report includes insights into the load time and status codes of all tags collected in your Audit.

Variable Inventory Report: This report allows users to explore every detail of the variables and respective values in the data collected throughout the Audit. It can be very helpful in identifying patterns of values collected and potential taxonomy or data layer misalignment hurting your core metrics.

Tag & Variable Comparisons Report: This report includes insights into the changes taking place across the tags collected in your Audit and their respective variables.

Duplicates & Multiples Report: This report will provide insights into duplicate tag requests and pages where multiple requests for the same tag fire. This can help users identify causes of data inflation (duplicate tags) and redundant data collection efforts (multiple tags).

Cookie Inventory Report: This report provides insights into all cookies collected during the Audit and their respective attributes. These insights are particularly relevant with respect to security and privacy but apply more broadly as well.

Browser Console Logs Report: This report includes the text of all console messages found in the Audit and when available, maps them to relevant tags. This is powerful for evaluating site health and for potential errors that are impacting data collection and customer experience.

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