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Tag Inventory Report
Tag Inventory Report
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The Tag Inventory Audit report provides insights into the implementation rate of all tags found across the pages scanned.


IDENTIFY UNTAGGED PAGES - Find the pages where your tags have dropped off or were never implemented!

IDENTIFY ROGUE TAGS - Look for tags you are unfamiliar with to track down tags that may be piggybacking onto your site or are lingering from prior implementations.

Tag Trends

The top of this report will display:

  • The # of pages scanned

  • The # of unique tags

  • The # of broken tags

  • The # of broken pages

The tag categories section allows you to see the breakdown of tag categorization and filter the rest of the reports based on tag category including the tags present and the pages where tags are found. You can either select a color in the bar chart or select a category label below.

Pages With & Without Tags

The main section of this report will show you the list of tags found within the Audit and the implementation rate of each tag. You can see that a tag is present across 100% of the pages or if it's missing from any percentage of the pages and click the bar to filter to the respective pages. You can also click the > symbol next to a tag name to break down the tag presence by accounts.

To toggle between % of pages and count of pages simply select the # symbol at the top right corner of the chart.

Note: If you look at the list of tags on this page and find you don't see a tag you expect that means either the Audit did not see that tag present at all, anywhere on the pages crawled or the request may need to be added to our tag database still. You can examine all network requests on a page in the Page Details report and to verify that the request was fired and examine if it was identified by our database.

You can use this chart to filter the list of URLs at the bottom of the report. If you click on the bar chart for any tag you can see the respective URLs where a tag is missing or present at the bottom. If you want to investigate further you can click on that URL to open a page details report and do more analysis.

IDENTIFY UNTAGGED PAGES - To do this sort your Pages With & Without Tags by Pages With Tags (By Account), you want to look at the tags that are across the most pages on the site. These tags that are across 90% or above of your pages are likely some of your most important tags. Click on the opposite bar where the tags are missing to see the pages that are missing those tags! Then click on the listed URLs to investigate further.

IDENTIFY ROGUE TAGS - In this case, you want to do the opposite, sort by the tags that are on the least amount of pages. These tags that are on 1% of your pages might be tags you do expect, but it's good practice to check this list to make sure you don't have any tags that have piggybacked onto your site or tags leftover from former

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