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Tag Health Report
Tag Health Report
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The Tag Health Audit report includes insights into the load time and status codes of all tags collected in your Audit.

Summary Metrics

The metrics in the top section of the report display:

  • The # of pages scanned

  • The average tag load time

  • The average tag request size

  • The % of slow loading tags

  • The % of broken tag requests

  • The # of tag requests

This section also displays tag load time chart and tag status code charts that you can interactive with to filter to specific tags and pages for a particular condition. You can filter by either selecting a label, above the chart, or selecting a bar.

Tag Load Times & Status Codes

This table allows you to drill into the tags that load within a specific threshold and the tags that respond with a specific status code. You can select most elements in the table to filter to a list of URLs that meet that specific condition.

Note: You can also expand the tags to see a breakdown by account.

The tag status codes show a representation of the unique status types. A green icon means that that tag includes successful status codes, yellow means that some tag requests were redirected, and red means that some tags are broken (the request had a 0, 400, or 500 level response). They can be combined to represent the unique status code types for that particular tag and expanded to allow users to filter to a single type of status code.

After interacting with the charts, the list of URLs will be filtered to match. From here you can drill into the Page Details Report to do further analysis.

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