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Tag & Variable Comparisons Report
Tag & Variable Comparisons Report
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The Tag & Variable Comparisons Audit report includes insights into the changes taking place across the tags collected in your Audit and their respective variables. It answers the question, "since I last ran this Audit, what changes have occurred in my tagging across my site?". This powerful insight will help you maintain your reporting and ensure high quality data.

Users can select between different applied comparison configurations using the drop down in the top left corner.

The chart shows the average comparison score over time. The average is taken from the 3 score factors below:

  • Tag Level

  • Variable Level

  • Value Level

You can drill into each score factor to "view details".

The Pages Not Compared metric describes misalignment between the latest run and the previous run. We have to be sure we are comparing the same pages with each other. If those pages are not available in the next scan, it will be indicated here.

Note: We recommend using the Lock URLs feature in the Audit configuration to ensure that the exact same pages are scanned in future runs.

View Details

When you view the details of a score factor, you will find a breakdown of pages and the differences in total requests found on those pages relative to the last run. In the screenshot below, -3 means that on that 1 page there were 3 Adobe requests that previously fired, but did not on this most recent run (probably something to investigate!)

If you wish to see the list of specific pages where the differences have occurred, click the number of pages to drill into a list of URLs. From here, you can take a URL or list of URLs to the Page Summary report and do some additional analysis.

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