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Duplicates & Multiples Report
Duplicates & Multiples Report
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The Duplicates & Multiples Audit report will provide insights into duplicate tag requests and pages where multiple requests for the same tag fire. This can help users identify causes of data inflation (duplicate tags) and redundant data collection efforts (multiple tags).

At the top of the report you'll see some core metrics:

  • Count of unique tags

  • Total tag requests

  • Total instances of duplicate tags

  • Total instances of multiple tags

Duplicates & Multiples

Duplicates occur when a tag request contains data that is completely identical to another request.

Note: Some duplicates may be harmless such as loader tags, but you should still inspect it in detail in case it is negative impacting your page or data collection.

Multiples occur when multiple tag requests are sent from the same page but with non-identical information.

Note: There are reasons why you might want to have multiple requests from a single technology but it's always good to check any technology that has many requests because that will slow page load times.

The main body of the report will show you:

  • All the tags that were collected in the Audit

  • How many requests we saw from that technology

  • How many duplicate requests were found and how many pages they occurred on

  • How many instances of multiple requests were found and how many pages they occurred on

By clicking on any of the bars in this report you can then filter the URL list beneath it. Simply hover over the number of duplicates or multiples and then click on the red or blue bar. Then the list below will filter appropriately. You can also click on any URL in that list to bring up the page details and see the specifics.

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