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Audit Exports
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Analyze your Audit data offline and easily integrate your data with your own reporting software through Audit Exports.

Audit Exports can be found in the bottom left-hand corner of all Audits. In the audit report screen, there are many different types of reports that can be exported and used for various analytical purposes.


You can select any type of export and request it with the Export button to the right. All Audit exports will be delivered to your email in the form of a download link. ObservePoint supports the following types of basic exports:

  • Tag and Variable Data

  • Tag Inventory

  • Tag Metadata

  • Cookie Inventory

  • Browser Cookie Logs

  • Request Log

  • Rules

  • Page Summary

  • Broken Link Details

Audit Exports Examples

Tag and Variable Data

The Tag and Variable Data export is a report that shows all collected data for the tags that you selected when the report was generated. This report shows various fields of data such as page load time, JavaScript errors, tag multiples, and duplicates, tag status codes, load times, and size for each tag selected.

Tag Inventory

The Tag Inventory export is a report that shows you an inventory of all marketing technologies and their accounts found in an Audit/run. Empty cells are pages that did not have a given technology.

Tag Metadata

The Tag Metadata export is a report that shows metadata such as tag load time, tag status code, duplicates, multiples, and versions.

Cookie Inventory

The Cookie Inventory export is a report that shows you an inventory for all cookie data found in an Audit/run.

Browser Console Logs

The Browser Console Logs export is an Inventory of all browser console log messages found during this Audit/run.

Request Log

The Request Log is an inventory of all network requests that occurred during this Audit/run.


The Rules export is a report of all rule results for this Audit/run in a multi-tab Excel file.

Page Summary

The Page Summary export is a report with an inventory of all page data found in this Audit/run, including the parent URL.

Broken Link Details

The Broken Link Details export is an inventory of all link data for broken links and pages, including pages linking to URL, and outerHTML. Only the first million broken links will be included in the export.

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