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Audit Error Messaging
Audit Error Messaging
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It is important to know if your Pre-Audit Actions and On-Page Actions are actually working. Within every Audit, you can now know what exactly is going on and if they are failing. We have now implemented logic that helps expose Audit action failures and Pre-Audit action failures, and one-and-out failures.

When setting up an Audit, if you choose any options beyond the standard configuration, such as GPC Signal, VPN usage, proxy usage, TMS or tag blocking, Pre-Audit actions, and/or On-Page actions, these selections will be visible in the Audit Run Information section of your Audit. Additionally, a yellow banner will appear in the Audit Reports, indicating that an Advanced Audit has been performed.

When On-Page actions encounter failures, the Audit will continue running, but it will display an error message. Please note that due to these issues, the collected data may not align with the expected results, as the Audit may not have functioned correctly.

When Audit actions encounter failures, the Audit will automatically halt to prevent a failed Audit run.

When an Audit fails to scan its configured starting URLs, it will trigger a failure message.


With these error messages implemented, they will assist ObservePoint users in preventing unnecessary consumption of their contracted page scans due to failed Audit runs. While it cannot guarantee the detection and halt of every failed Audit run, it will facilitate the identification of any potential errors within Audit runs. You can access all of this valuable information within the Audit Run Information, denoted by the information icon located in the upper right-hand corner of the Audit Reports.

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