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LiveConnect: Add a New Device
LiveConnect: Add a New Device
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LiveConnect lets you see tags as they stream from an app or web page in real-time. This simplifies and expedites the testing process by making both app and Journeys easy for non-technical users to execute. With LiveConnect, you can execute quick pre-and post-release validation of your apps and sites on any device.

Device Setup

You will need to set up a Device profile for each device that you will use for testing. This is a one-time process per device.

  1. Click Add New Device.

  2. Select your device type:

  • Phone & Tablet

  • Smart TV & Game Console

  • PC & Desktop

3. Provide information about the device that you will be using for testing:

  • Device Model

  • Operating System of the Device

  • Version of the Operating System

  • Folder (designate a folder to group and organize many devices)

  • Label (facilitates search when you have many devices)

New Device Setup

  1. Click Save & Close or Save & Record Journey to start testing immediately.

You can also download the LiveConnect Certificate from the device page. You must Install the LiveConnect Certificate on your devices as part of the setup process before testing. (See related articles.)

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