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Using WonderProxy with ObservePoint
Using WonderProxy with ObservePoint
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WonderProxy is a service that helps websites and businesses test and improve their online presence by allowing them to view their content as if they were located in different parts of the world. It helps ensure websites work properly for users in various locations and languages.

ObservePoint utilizes WonderProxy to provide additional proxy locations for its users. This enables ObservePoint users to access a broader range of proxy locations beyond what is initially available in their Audit proxy locations, enhancing their ability to assess website experience and data across various global locations comprehensively.

Getting Started with WonderProxy

ObservePoint customers can utilize WonderProxy within their ObservePoint account at no additional cost. To begin using WonderProxy, customers should contact their Customer Success Manager (CSM) to have the proxy URL configured. It's important to note that this service is not guaranteed by ObservePoint, and customers use it at their own discretion.

WonderProxy URL Format

When using a WonderProxy in ObservePoint for an Audit or Journey, the correct URL format will look like this

Supported WonderProxy Locations

Amsterdam - Netherlands

Bangkok - Thailand

Barcelona - Spain

Belgrade - Serbia

Bratislava - Slovakia

Bucharest - Romania

Budapest - Hungary

Buenos Aires - Argentina

Copenhagen - Denmark

Helsinki - Finland

Hong Kong - Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China

Jakarta - Indonesia


Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

Lisbon - Portugal

Ljubljana - Slovenia

Los Angeles - United States

Manila - Philippines

New Delhi - India

Oslo - Norway

Prague - Czech Republic

Rome - Italy

Skopje - North Macedonia

Sofia - Bulgaria

Stockholm - Sweden

Taipei - Taiwan

Tokyo - Japan

Vienna - Austria

Warsaw - Poland

Zagreb - Croatia

Note: This is subject to change as new ones are added regularly.

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